In 2020, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Hartlepool community, and indeed the whole country, in supporting the Hartlepool Giving Tree’s initiative and helping us collect over 170,000 gifts!

Last year, due to the impact of COVID, we introduced our online Giving tree. It was a huge success, beyond what we could have imagined. Seeing the speed of tags being purchased was incredible, as too was seeing gifts coming from all parts of the country with some even arriving from overseas! The actual ‘live’ physical tree in the shopping centre was also an even bigger success which was just fantastic.

As the momentum of the campaign gathered speed, we knew we had the option of offering gifts beyond the local area. We gained a greater insight into the different needs some parts of our society face, particularly at Christmas. For example in conversations with some of the paediatric wards we were advised that there was a huge need for teenage gifts because sadly at this time they often see an increase of teenage admissions.

For the first year the campaign shone a light on the needs of older people either living at home or in care. Sadly for some of these older people they have no family or friends that would buy them a gift so they rely on the support of the local community, charities and, in some many cases, the care home staff themselves to receive a gift at Christmas.

After the success of the campaign last year, we look forward to the Hartlepool Giving Tree being a way for any person who is in need to receive a gift at Christmas. Without the generosity of the people who engage with the Giving Tree process, this wouldn’t be possible. On behalf of the individuals that will benefit, Middleton Grange and all the supporting groups that help in this process we want to say thank you in advance for those of you who will buy a gift. Your donation will be making a difference to someone’s life this Christmas.

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